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5 Risks of DIY Rug Cleaning

Jan 8, 2024 | Area Rug Cleaning

5 Risks of DIY Rug Cleaning

If you have rugs in your home, chances are you’ve put in a lot of effort to find the perfect one. It might even hold sentimental value as a family heirloom or cherished memento. But, are you unknowingly risking your rugs by cleaning them improperly? Proper maintenance is crucial to preserve their beauty and integrity. Instead of taking chances with DIY cleaning, trust the experts with professional area rug cleaning in Tacoma for reliable and expert cleaning services. We’ve got you covered!

When it comes to cleaning your rug, doing it yourself can lead to a range of issues due to a lack of professional knowledge and tools. However, by choosing a reliable and experienced rug cleaning service like Rainier Chem-Dry, you can eliminate these risks, and rest assured that your rug will be in great hands!

#1: Discoloration

Discoloration of rugs is a common issue that arises when using store-bought stain removers. These products often contain harsh chemicals, like bleach, which can be too strong for delicate oriental rugs. Unfortunately, instead of solving the problem, these formulas can make spots and stains look worse, resulting in further discoloration.

#2: Excess Moisture

Excess moisture in DIY rug cleaning can pose a potential risk. While some homeowners believe that soaking their rugs is necessary to remove detergents, dirt, and grime trapped in the fibers, it’s important to know that this approach can be harmful to oriental rugs. It can promote the growth of mold and mildew, potentially leading to damage. So, it’s crucial to exercise caution and take preventive measures to avoid such issues.

#3: Color Bleeding

Finding out the exact dyes used in your oriental rug can be quite a challenge, making it tricky to choose the right cleaning solution. Using a generic cleaner on rugs with different dyes can put your rug at risk of color bleeding and merging, which can sadly take away from its stunning beauty.

#4: A Less-Than-Thorough Clean

Many homeowners discover that their gentle do-it-yourself cleaning techniques for oriental rugs don’t quite cut it when it comes to effectively removing dust and dirt. Unfortunately, this puts the delicate fibers at risk. Not only does it diminish the rug’s visual appeal, but it can also create friction between the fibers, potentially leading to further damage.

#5: Damaging Delicate Fibers

The delicacy of your rug depends on factors like the type of fibers, weaving technique, and age. It’s important to avoid vigorous scrubbing when cleaning to prevent irreversible damage and extend its lifespan. By treating your rug with care, you can ensure it lasts for years to come and stays in great shape!

About Chem-Dry’s Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

When you choose Rainier Chem-Dry to care for your oriental rug in Tacoma, you can rest easy knowing that we handle all potential risks with the utmost care. Our main goal is to preserve the lifespan and visual appeal of your beloved rug, which means it’s in good hands.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in handling various types of rugs, allowing us to provide tailored treatments for your specific rug. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis right in your home to identify the materials and weave style of your rug. Whether it’s made of synthetic or natural fibers, our certified and highly trained specialists have the knowledge and skills to give it the care it truly deserves.

Based on this analysis, we may recommend a specialized deep cleaning process off-site or a convenient in-home cleaning. Our gentle cleaning techniques effectively eliminate dust, dust mite matter, accumulated dirt, and soil, all while preserving the rug’s exquisite color patterns and leaving it looking vibrant and beautiful. Trust Rainier Chem-Dry for unparalleled rug care that guarantees the longevity and beauty of your cherished rug.

Discover the secrets behind our highly-praised oriental and area rug cleaning in Tacoma! Say goodbye to the risks of DIY cleaning and reach out to us at (253) 927-4496 to safeguard your valuable rugs.

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